Scott Williamson is a recording drummer and producer who has been leaving his fingerprint on the Nashville music scene since 1990. An abbreviated credit listing includes work for Blake Shelton, Brooks & Dunn, Michael W. Smith, D.C. Talk, Point Of Grace, FFH, Blue County, Steve Holy, Michael Peterson, Jaci Velasquez, and countless Nashville songwriters including Rivers Rutherford, Tom Shapiro, Mark Nessler, Mike Busbee, Windell Mobley, Victoria Banks, Monty Criswell…..

If you don't know Scott, you are in for a treat. Scott is one of the most talented musicians in town. Along with numerous other projects, he has been producing Academy Singer records since 1990. Scott is a professional drummer, producer, singer and arranger. Yes, he is a perfectionist, so bring your "A" game to the studio, but he also has a dry wit and will have you snickering between takes.



Scott’s go to kit for the studio is the WFLIII Generations Jazz kit with 9”x13” tom. 16”x16” floor tom and 16”x22” kick. He uses a variety of WFLIII snare drums including the 6.5”x14” 1909 Aluminum snare and the 6.5”x14” 1728 Mahogany snare.