Mahogany Snare Natural Gloss
Mahogany Snare Natural Gloss
Mahogany Snare Natural Gloss

Mahogany Snare Natural Gloss

Refreshingly nuanced and alive with a 5-ply shell and hand-hewn snare-beds.

Depth: 5x14
Strainer: Classic S1 Strainer
Hardware-finish: Chrome
MSRP $775.00
Direct Price
As low as $25.33/month.

The 1728N Mahogany's 5-ply shell is refreshingly nuanced and alive in a world where 20 and 30-ply snares are commonplace.

Bill's achievement relies on thin plies of Mahogany for its warmth and great looks, poplar for its crisp attack and maple for its musicality. Hand-hewn snare beds and 45 degreebearing edges provide better snare contact and precise tuning. The Trick GS007 multi-step throw-off offers a broad range of snare control for any kind of music. Drum making is in Bill Ludwig III's blood. His father and grandfather have crafted some of the most iconic snares in the biz, including the Black Beauty and Supraphonic. Now Bill is creating his own iconic snares with the 1728N series. WFLIII Generations shells are made in the USA and constructed of top grade veneers for beautiful appearance and consistent density. Shells are cross-grain, heat pressed for strength and roundness. Hand finished 45 degree round-over bearing edges insure maximum head to shell contact and hand-hewn snare beds provide precise snare contact on all snare drums.

Our Snares in Action


  • Generations Series 5-Ply Mahogany Shell
  • Trick GS007 strainer
  • 45-degree round-over bearing edges
  • Hand-hewn snare beds
  • 20 strand German snares
  • Ten springless WFLIII Lugs
  • 2.3mm triple flange hoops
  • WFLIII Brand Remo heads